Captain for a Day: A Unique Day Out

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With the weather at its best, families across Australia are seeking out new and different ways to spend their free time. Now that you’ve been to the beach, spent all day at the swimming pool and shopped ’til you’ve dropped, it may feel like you’ve exhausted all ideas. However, there’s always another direction to turn — and hiring a boat is a great option. More involved than simply booking seats on a cruise, self-drive boat hire allows you and your family to experience the water without the disruption of other passengers. You’ll have the freedom to set your own course, exploring the water as you please — and each family member can take a turn at captaining the ship. Plus, there are boats to suit all price ranges. If you really want to splurge, you might find yourself at the helm of a luxury sailboat — but if you prefer to keep your costs lower, then there are certainly less extravagant options to choose from too. It will all depend on the company you choose to hire from. You won’t need to walk far along the shore to find a reputable boat hire company to investigate. However, you should definitely be sure to do some research and not just hire from the first company you see. Different companies will have different policies and price ranges, and it’s imperative that you find one to suit your needs. Are you looking for a short-term rental for the day or something a little longer? Will any help or training in operating the boat be given to you or will you be left to your own devices? Be sure to ask about anything you’re uncertain of, and remember that you can always look up reviews online to read up on other customer experiences. One extremely important factor to consider is, of course, safety.  Especially if you’ll be taking your family aboard, you’ll want to be absolutely certain that each passenger knows what to do in case of an emergency and that good, high-quality lifejackets and safety equipment are accessible on board your rental. However, if you are sure to follow all instructions and be careful, the chances of needing that equipment are slim. It will simply give you peace of mind to know the proper safety procedures. With that settled, you’ll have plenty of time to focus on enjoying your experience. With that in mind, be sure to maximise the day by bringing everything you need on your trip! Consider preparing some drinks and snacks in advance — and be sure to bring along your sunscreen if you’ll be spending the day above deck. Other than that, all you’ll need is a good book, a spirit of adventure and a Captain’s...

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How To Be A Great Short-Term Accommodation Host

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Opening up your home to paying guests has never been more popular than it is right now. In Sydney alone, there are more than seven thousand active rentals–and that’s just on one city accommodation site, and it doesn’t take into account the breadth of the market. If you have the space to host some guests for a night or two, you’re probably wondering how much work you’ll need to put in yourself. Hosting guests in your home can be a rewarding experience, but it does require a little conscious effort on your part if you want to do a good job. Cleanliness Is Everything The absolute most important thing you can do is thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom before every new set of guests arrive. If you’re worried about having the time and energy to do this, bear in mind that many of the major short-term rental services allow you to add a ‘cleaning fee’ on top of your basic rate. If your home proves to be a popular choice, you could look into letting this extra money cover the cost of hiring a cleaner.  Greet, Don’t Crowd Nearly everyone will want to be personally greeted by you, and it’s a good idea to make sure that at the very least you’re there to give your guests the keys and welcome them to your home. Most of the time, though, your guests will want to be able to relax in peace in the space they’re renting–so try not to crowd them, and if you’re sharing space with them accept that it’s quite likely they’ll keep to their private room a lot of the time. It’s All In The Details When you’ve checked all the major boxes–clean bed linen, tea and coffee facilities and something they can have for breakfast–it’s a good idea to spend a little time thinking about what smaller touches you could add to the space you’re renting to make it a real home from home to the people who stay there. Offering fluffy bathrobes and a few snacks in the room is a great start, as is a little hamper of shampoo and conditioner miniatures such as you might be given in a hotel. Offering to cook for your guests can be great if you have the time, skill and inclination, too. Look After Yourself, Too Don’t fall into the trap of putting so much effort into being a good host that you don’t address your own needs. This is still your home, and you need to feel comfortable in it; make sure you’re not renting your space out more often than is right for you, and be careful to chat to your potential guests in advance to make sure you’re going to be comfortable with them when they arrive. For more information about city accommodations, talk to a...

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5 Tips That Will Help You Turn Around Your Newly-Bought Pub Business

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If you are looking to buy a pub business, it is important that you recognize that dwindling profits may have led to the pub’s downfall and sale in the first place. After all, no one sells a successful business just like that. With that knowledge in mind, you should start planning how to turn around the business after you acquire it. In this article, discover how you can do exactly that using 5 proven techniques. Carry out a complete fit out A fit out allows you to give your pub a fresh new look. It’s a powerful way to bring back a vibrant ambience into the pub after what may have been many long years of a dull drinking atmosphere. With the new look, you will give the locals a reason to want to visit the pub and see what new additions you have put in place. You will also pull in fresh customers, both old and young. A fit out also helps to signal that the pub has a new management and is headed for better days. Create a membership with benefits Another great way to increase revenue with a new pub is to create an optional membership system. For a certain fee every month, members get to enjoy discounts such as a free drink for every ten bought, they get a free taxi ride after a drinking spree, they enjoy discounted rates once in a while, and they can also get preference when it comes to getting seats during the busy working days. Abolish drinking on credit Although selling on credit can help prop a business up, it can also bring it to its knees. Nowhere is this more evident than in the pub business where regulars will want to drink for free if given the chance. If you can, scrap credit facilities and let every customer pay before getting a drink. This will allow your business to enjoy a healthy cash flow and avoid debts. With the incoming cash, you’ll be able to buy daily inventory and pay employees on time. Organize events that will pull in crowds Another great way to turn around a pub business is to organize regular events. These could be dating events, music events, fashion events, buck parties, ladies/hen night parties, etc. You can also organize themed parties. Such events will help break the monotony of the pub scene. They will also bring about some good publicity for your establishment, which will in turn pull new clients to sample your services. Don’t drink there Although making appearances at the pub is good as a business owner, avoid drinking from your own joint. If you do drink at your own establishment, you may find that you are taking advantage of your position and drinking way too much or that you’re buying free rounds for buddies—vices that will deny your business much-needed revenue. Of course, not every pub for sale is on a downward spiral. You may get yourself an establishment that doesn’t need most of the above and is raking in good profits...

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4 Most Likely Reasons for Trucking Accidents

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If you are an operator in the cargo trucking business, ensuring road safety is of utmost importance. This is because it is not only the timely delivery of your clients’ merchandise in good condition that is on the line, but the safety of road users as well. A multiplicity of different factors may lead to freight-trucking accidents. Here are some probable causes of most trucking accidents.   Driver-instigated blunders A good number of accidents that usually occur on the roads can be associated with careless or erroneous driving. Reckless truck drivers who choose to ignore traffic warnings and violate other traffic laws are often responsible for most freight-trucking accidents. Despite the fact that the loads the truck drivers carry impose an additional safety risk when in transit, some truck drivers exceed speed limits and drive through hotspot areas rather clumsily. The result of this kind of carelessness is vehicular crashes or even loss of human life in worst-case scenarios. Vehicle failure The trucks used to transport cargo from one point to another need to be kept in top shape at all times, especially before they can be allowed to head for the road. Even though not all truck breakdowns can be avoided, most of them can be prevented by providing routine maintenance and inspections. In most cases, meticulously done vehicle service will help detect potential troubles that may arise and will present a good opportunity to rectify issues beforehand. Sadly, some freight-truck operators often disregard the need to check on the condition of various truck parts and systems on a regular basis. The end result may be failed brakes, faulty transmission systems, flat tyres, and many more problems that may cause truck drivers to lose control of their vehicles and dangerously veer off the road. Bad weather conditions There is pretty much nothing that freight-truck operators can do to control the weather. Bad weather, when coupled with poor road conditions, will increase chances of a trucking accident occurring. What transport companies can do to minimize trucking accidents caused by unfavorable weather is to instruct their drivers to avoid driving in bad weather, especially if the roads have been rendered impassable. Improper loading Besides overloading, improper loading can also mean placing cargo on the freight trucks in a manner that causes cargo to shift during transit. At the warehouses or loading bays, all cargo should be loaded properly to ensure proper vehicular...

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Common Types Of Powerboats You Can Choose From

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Are you interested in buying a powerboat but are not sure what specific type will match your requirements? Then take the time to learn more about the different types of powerboats out there and the uses that they have. By doing so, you can figure out which specific type of powerboat will match your requirements. With that thought in mind, here are the most common types of powerboats you will come across: Bowrider: this type of powerboat has seats at the front of the boat and is around 5 to 9 metres in length. They are powered by outboard or stern driver engines and can provide a relatively quick boost of acceleration. They are aimed towards family use and can also be used as a recreational fishing boat. It is also easy to handle, which means those who are new to boating should have no problems handling a bowrider. Bass boat: this is a freshwater fishing orientated powerboat and is commonly between 4 and 7 metres. As the name suggests, they are setup perfectly for bass fishing but are on the expensive side. That’s because of the specialized gear, reliable high quality engine and trolling motors. Cruiser: for a powerboat that allows you to spend the night in the water, a cruiser is a great choice. They come equipped with a compartment where you can sleep and possibly even cook your food. It all depends on the size of the cruiser that you have chosen, but they typically come in 6 to 13 metres. Due to their larger size and weight, they are also a more stable powerboat option.  Flat boats: if you plan on navigating waters that are shallow, then you’ll need a flat boat. These are designed so that the distance of the hull into the water is minimal. Flat boats are typically 4 to 5 metres in length and come equipped with a push pole that is used to help get the boat loose when the water is too shallow. Cabin boats: these types of boats have a cabin where people can gather in order to get out of the rain or where you can store your equipment. With a cabin you might feel that your ability to control the boat is improved because you will somewhat be out of the weather. They are roughly 6 to 9 metres in length and provide moderate speeds for a powerboat. For more information, contact a business such as Andro...

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Education, Entertainment And Introductions: Fun Things To Do On A Chartered Bus

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If you are chartering a bus for a business trip, a hens weekend or a school field trip, there are a number of ways to make the most of your journey. Regardless of why you have chartered the bus, you can easily maximise your time with activities. Here are some ideas to get you inspired: 1. Educate bus passengers If you are taking a bus on a school field trip, consider using the time on the bus to educate your students about the destination. If you are going on a business journey, use the time on the bus to hold an educational last-minute meeting. Even on a sightseeing bus, you can have an informational video or seminar about the geology of the surrounding countryside or the history of the areas you are exploring. However, if you prefer to keep things light, you may want to dive into the realm of entertainment. 2. Amuse and entertain yourselves Regardless of the type of group you are with, you can devote your time on the bus to entertainment. This can be as simple as putting in a video for everyone to watch, or based on the type of journey you are taking, you can plan entertainment relevant to the crowd. For example, if you are transporting a choir to a singing competition, plan a sing-along for the journey. If you are taking a chartered bus to a hens or stags weekend, you can have a few drinks on the bus. If that is not allowed by your tour provider, you can substitute sparkling cider. 3. Ice Breaker Games Whether you are with a work, school, church or social group, you can take advantage of the time on the charter bus to get to know each other better. There are all kinds of fun “ice breaker” activities you can play so you learn each other’s names and a few personality traits. For example, you can move through the rows of bus seats urging everyone to tell an interconnected story. If the first person tells a story about how much they love coffee, the next person can tell a story about how they tend to stay up late playing video games, and the third person could tell a story about how their first cat was named Mario. As the passengers challenge each other to find a fun connection to the previous story, the other passengers learn something new about the storyteller. For more information, contact a company like Good az Gold Tours and Transfers....

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