If you are chartering a bus for a business trip, a hens weekend or a school field trip, there are a number of ways to make the most of your journey. Regardless of why you have chartered the bus, you can easily maximise your time with activities.

Here are some ideas to get you inspired:

1. Educate bus passengers

If you are taking a bus on a school field trip, consider using the time on the bus to educate your students about the destination. If you are going on a business journey, use the time on the bus to hold an educational last-minute meeting. Even on a sightseeing bus, you can have an informational video or seminar about the geology of the surrounding countryside or the history of the areas you are exploring. However, if you prefer to keep things light, you may want to dive into the realm of entertainment.

2. Amuse and entertain yourselves

Regardless of the type of group you are with, you can devote your time on the bus to entertainment. This can be as simple as putting in a video for everyone to watch, or based on the type of journey you are taking, you can plan entertainment relevant to the crowd. For example, if you are transporting a choir to a singing competition, plan a sing-along for the journey. If you are taking a chartered bus to a hens or stags weekend, you can have a few drinks on the bus. If that is not allowed by your tour provider, you can substitute sparkling cider.

3. Ice Breaker Games

Whether you are with a work, school, church or social group, you can take advantage of the time on the charter bus to get to know each other better. There are all kinds of fun "ice breaker" activities you can play so you learn each other's names and a few personality traits. For example, you can move through the rows of bus seats urging everyone to tell an interconnected story. If the first person tells a story about how much they love coffee, the next person can tell a story about how they tend to stay up late playing video games, and the third person could tell a story about how their first cat was named Mario.

As the passengers challenge each other to find a fun connection to the previous story, the other passengers learn something new about the storyteller. For more information, contact a company like Good az Gold Tours and Transfers.